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Global Mergers & State Economic Development — Any National Security Concerns?

                        Here’s several recent headlines concerning US mergers, Chinese acquisitions globally, and state economic development in the US: … US mergers have skyrocketed this month to make October the busiest month ever for mergers; … Chinese acquisitions and investment globally … Continue reading

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Democrats, Republicans and Globalization — Convergence on Anti-Trade?

There is a sense that the politics of globalization has caused the Democratic Party and the Republican Party to change position on global trade. That opposition to trade is now a safe policy. This has happened before. Before this era … Continue reading

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Aggressive Engagement with the Global Economy.

        President Obama in a recent piece for THE ECONOMIST discussed globalization, technology, change & their impact on multilateral institutions, trade agreements, and immigration. He proposed various major structural changes.     His description of the problem was particularly interesting and added one … Continue reading

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