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A New Globalization is Emerging — Now What?

        Historical challenges have recently arisen attacking “globalization.” These challenges to traditional U.S. trade policy come from the liberal, conservative, protectionist and national security communities in the U.S. This development has been supercharged by the global pandemic … Continue reading

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Global Commerce and Global Conflict — Yes, Global Commerce is a Positive.

     Does global trade and commerce promote peaceful international relations? My answer is generally, ‘yes.’ But it is no guaranty. I’m reminded of the fact that Germany and France during the inter-war period had huge trade connections. Of course, this … Continue reading

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Russia as a ‘State Sponsor of Terrorism’? …. Yes.

    Totally baffling. Why would the editor of the American Journal of International Law agree with the State Dept. and oppose having it list Russia as a State Sponsor of Terrorism, under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act?   By … Continue reading

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