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Distinguished Service Professor of Law & International Trade at George Mason University (School of Public Policy).

Trump’s War on the WTO — Not Enough Wins? — Yes and More.

                                            What is the Trump war on the WTO and its dispute resolution system all about? Sour grapes for not getting 100% wins? Personal animosity by the new USTR because of his failures in private practice? … Continue reading

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Trump’s Dual Narrative — Promoting Foreign Policy and National Security Chaos?

                                            General Kelly during President Trump’s Speech at the U.N.      Trump’s combative speech to the United Nations continued his outrageous dual narrative. One, American sovereignty has been gravely eroded by its participation in multilateral institutions such as the U.N. … Continue reading

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U.S. Victory in the WTO in Boeing and State Subsidies — But What is its Impact on Litigation against China?

     Earlier this week the Appellate Body of the WTO reversed a panel report and found that seven Washington state tax measures did not amount to a prohibited subsidy to Boeing. The EU had alleged that the state tax measures were conditioned or … Continue reading

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Better for the U.S. to File the New China IPR Case in the WTO … More Legitimacy?

The USTR fired a direct shot at Beijing last week as it formally started a §301 investigation into China’s intellectual property practices and entry of US firms into China, particularly in joint ventures. The formal decision to open an investigation followed Trump’s … Continue reading

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US China Trade Action Delayed Again — What’s Up?

      President Trump is going to sign a memo tomorrow Monday delaying actually filing a §301 USTR case against China for violation of U.S. intellectual property rights. By the way he has also failed to follow through on … Continue reading

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JOBS & FOREIGN INVESTMENT — States & Cities are on the Frontline.

  Good piece in the New York Times today discussing foreign investment into U.S. manufacturing and the role of cities and states in promoting this – all in the name of jobs. States and cities are on the frontline. The … Continue reading

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Two New US Trade Cases — To be filed with the USTR or the WTO?

  The Trump administration is now on the verge of initiating a new trade case against China even while its prior case concerning ‘national security and steel imports has not yet been filed. The problem is the Trump administration is … Continue reading

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