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Distinguished Service Professor of Law & International Trade at George Mason University (Schar School of Public Policy).

Biden’s Trade Policies — One Year In — Same as Trump’s? More Aggressive?

  [Excerpts from a forthcoming article, now on SSRN at  Also available as draft at Click Here. …………… The big question is the following: Is the Biden trade policy different from the Trump chaos?  My answer is “no.” I … Continue reading

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Josh Hawley, Harding and Hoover — Trade & Back to the Future — Not a Good Idea.

Recent opinion piece by Josh Hawley. My take. He’s one of the most protectionist and trade xenophobic today. He make former U.S. presidents Harding and Hoover look mighty good. Here are some of his views as contained in today’s New … Continue reading

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The U.S. Strategy as to U.S. – China Trade Relations — Is Biden Same as Trump But without the Tweets? We’ll See.

The United States Trade Representative Katherine Tai recently delivered remarks at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) outlining the Biden-Harris Administration’s new approach to the U.S.-China bilateral trade relationship. Not clear how different Biden’s trade policy is from Trump’s … Continue reading

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First 6 Months of Biden’s Trade Policy — Concerning.

      The Biden administration’s early policies toward China, global trade, and the WTO have proven to be attuned to the newer developments of the times. In practice, however, these policies are a bit concerning.   There has been no … Continue reading

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The G-7 has taken the first step in restructuring the global tax regime. This is the first international effort in decades. This has huge implications for global commerce (especially tech firms). Taxation of global groups & transactions is complex. Global … Continue reading

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An excellent assessment of President Biden’s tariff actions (and non-actions) during the first 100+ days appeared as a recent op-ed in the Washington Post. Here are some excerpts: …. Biden’s first four months in office have seen an abrupt reversal … Continue reading

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BIDEN’S TRADE POLICIES — More Needs to be Done, Now.

    President Biden’s recent trade actions amount to more than a mere recalibration of Trump’s trade and tariff policies, though they certainly are not a grand reversal of them. Biden needs to more fully address trade policy now. Engaging … Continue reading

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Antitrust Reform — From the Gilded Age to the Digital Age — Way Overdue.

Amy Klobuchar’s ANTITRUST (2021) reviews and assesses antitrust law and regulations from the “Gilded Age” to today’s “Digital Age.” She declares ‘trickle down economics‘ of Reaganism along with the Chicago School’s ‘law and economics” approach (focusing on shareholder wealth creation) … Continue reading

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Biden’s Global Trade Updates — Taxes, Sanctions, Human Rights and Technology.

The following items are those I listed on my website  concerning President Biden’s recent trade actions. For the first 100 Days they amount to more than mere recalibration of Trump’s trade and tariff policies but not a grand reversal … Continue reading

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Linkage Between Federal Trade Policy and Rural Economic Revival — Looking at Martinsville, Virginia.

The conclusion of a recent study concerning Biden’s trade proposals and state economic development  is really important. It looked at one rural region economy in Virginia. It concluded there is an important link between U.S. trade policy and state economic … Continue reading

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