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Distinguished Service Professor of Law & International Trade at George Mason University (School of Public Policy).

Democrats, Republicans and Globalization — Convergence on Anti-Trade?

There is a sense that the politics of globalization has caused the Democratic Party and the Republican Party to change position on global trade. That opposition to trade is now a safe policy. This has happened before. Before this era … Continue reading

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Aggressive Engagement with the Global Economy.

        President Obama in a recent piece for THE ECONOMIST discussed globalization, technology, change & their impact on multilateral institutions, trade agreements, and immigration. He proposed various major structural changes.     His description of the problem was particularly interesting and added one … Continue reading

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Busy Summer for WTO Trade Cases — Especially for the US & Other Major Countries — Why?

                      This summer has been extremely busy for litigation before the WTO disputes resolution system. Why is that? Just look at a sampling of cases ranging from those brought by and against the Russian Federation, by and against the United States … Continue reading

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First two WTO Panels Against Russia — Now What?

                          For the first time since the Russian Federation’s accession to the WTO four years, in 2012, cases were decided this August by two WTO panels involving Russia. The Russian Federation was a respondent in both cases and … Continue reading

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GLOBAL TRADE — An All Too Easy Drive-By-Target — We Need To Get Real.

     Four good articles appeared this week on global trade and the presidential campaign. The following points were made:   Trade isn’t the main force destroying good jobs. But it serves as a good target (New York Times editorial). Manufacturing jobs have … Continue reading

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TRUMP, SUMMERS, CHINA & U.S. TRADE ENFORCEMENT — Know-Nothingism & International Law.

                                                   TRUMP, SUMMERS,  CHINA & U.S. TRADE ENFORCEMENT [1]   Dr. Stuart S. Malawer, J.D., Ph.D., Diploma (Hague Academy of International Law), is the Distinguished Service Professor of Law and International Trade (George Mason University).    INTRODUCTION.  Recently Donald … Continue reading

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Calls for Trade Reform — Recent Proposals …… Are They Sufficient?

                  As a result of the acrimonious trade debate among presidential candidates a number of suggestions have been made how to rebalance U.S. trade laws and regulations as we go forward. Here’s a few that have been made recently to increase … Continue reading

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