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Distinguished Service Professor of Law & International Trade at George Mason University (School of Public Policy).

Trump, Litigation and Threats: From Queens to the World Stage.

          From the Introduction to my new article …………. Stuart Malawer, “Trump, Litigation and Threats: From Queens to the World Stage.” China and WTO Review 209 (Spring 2020) …………………… Donald Trump was born and raised in Queens, … Continue reading

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Time to Revisit State Law and Recognition of Foreign Judgments?

In a saga of twist and turns, a nightmare for any law student trying to map out lower court proceedings, or a crime novel, it is interesting to read a case from Texas that is now being considered for hearing … Continue reading

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Trump’s Trade Affronts Are Getting Worse ………….

                                                             [From the conclusion of a forthcoming article of mine.] Trump’s … Continue reading

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Good summary of President Trump’s current attack plan on the WTO by Bloomberg’s Terms of Trade today (February 14th, 2020). The long-standing Trump administration animosity towards the WTO and the existing global trading system is gaining steam and becoming more … Continue reading

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TRUMP’S THREATS AND TRADE POLICY — From His Real Estate Days in New York?

From a forthcoming article of mine ……………. My thesis is straightforward: One can draw a straight line from Donald Trump’s ruthless mode of operating in the contentious world of New York real estate to his operations on the world stage … Continue reading

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Iranian Assassination & Global Trade … Not Good for the Global Economy

The assassination of Major General Suleimani of Iran was a terrible blunder on many levels.  One level that has not been talked about much is its potential impact on global trade. To me there will be a significant impact, sooner … Continue reading

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Donald Trump — From Queens to the Global Stage — Always Following his Inner Litigating Self.

    From Jamaica Estates, Queens, to the White House — Donald Trump has consistently perverted the litigation &  judicial system. Domestically and internationally. This will not end well for him nor his enablers. It’s simply unamerican. From his days … Continue reading

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