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Distinguished Service Professor of Law & International Trade at George Mason University (School of Public Policy).

100 Days & Trump’s Trade Policies — Disarray, Dysfunctional but Not Much Damage, Yet.

     What can be said of Trump’s trade policies in the first 100 days? Here are some of my thoughts in outline form. Recent trade actions …………… Subsidy duties on Canadian softwood lumber (to counter provincial subsidies) Threatening Canadian dairy industry … Continue reading

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President Trump returned to his attack on global trade — Is This a Good Trade Policy?

     After failing to declare China a currency manipulator this week President Trump returned to his attack on global trade.      Relying upon rarely utilized “national security” arguments and questioning the well-known restrictions on domestic content requirements and the principle … Continue reading

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Trump’s 100-Day Trade Plan — Really?

     What emerged from the Xi – Trump summit on the most crucial issue of trade wasn’t very much. Not even a real plan. Just a vague undertaking to review some trade issues.  So after all these weeks we now have a committee to conduct … Continue reading

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Trump & Trade — What Trade Policy?

Disarray in the Trump trade team has failed to produce disruptive trade policies that were promised. Indeed, Trump’s trade agenda is going down to defeat as did his attack on Obamacare and his Muslim travel ban. This disarray in trade reflects a broader disarray throughout the Trump … Continue reading

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U.S. Sovereignty and the WTO Dispute System — Misleading USTR Report? — Most Certainly.

           By omitting this language, “provided in the covered agreements,” the report suggests that nothing can be decided against the United States since the United States had never been committed to anything. Therefore, whatever was decided or may be decided … Continue reading

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TRUMP — SLOW ON TRADE — The Wait Should be Over Soon.

                                             The new administration has been slow on keeping specific campaign promise about trade policy. Nothing yet on China, no renegotiation on NAFTA, and no new WTO cases. Why?      Probably because the Senate hasn’t yet acted on the … Continue reading

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‘Deference’ doesn’t mean ‘unreviewable’ even as to national security claims, Mr. President. Really very basic civics.  The lead editorial in today’s Wall Street Journal is wrong. S.Ct. cases, Youngstown and Boumediene, fully support the 9th Cir decision against Trump. This … Continue reading

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