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Distinguished Service Professor of Law & International Trade at George Mason University (School of Public Policy).

CyberBulling, Real Estate Scrooge — Global Affairs & National Security — The Next Four Years.

                              Trump has engaged in cyber shaming and this should be held up as a model. As a model for all school children of what never to do.      Trump’s soul is one of the architype scrooge in … Continue reading

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Full working paper at                                INTRODUCTION.      The founding of the Virginia Colony in the New World by the Virginia Company reflected the British Empire’s notion that enlightenment would come through trade. By the post-World War II era this notion was … Continue reading

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Trump & TPP Withdrawal — Now What? — Domestic Crumps & Global Tsunamis? Most Likely.

       Trump now promises to withdraw from the TPP on his first day in office. Great. This is the start of Protectionism Part II — Continuation from the Depression and Smoot-Hawley of the 1930s. This New Protectionism 2.0 is a … Continue reading

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                                      The founding of the Virginia colonies in the New World by the Virginia Company reflected the notion of the British Empire that through trade would come enlightenment. By the post-war era this was unequivocally adopted by U.S. policymakers. … Continue reading

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Global Mergers & State Economic Development — Any National Security Concerns?

                        Here’s several recent headlines concerning US mergers, Chinese acquisitions globally, and state economic development in the US: … US mergers have skyrocketed this month to make October the busiest month ever for mergers; … Chinese acquisitions and investment globally … Continue reading

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Democrats, Republicans and Globalization — Convergence on Anti-Trade?

There is a sense that the politics of globalization has caused the Democratic Party and the Republican Party to change position on global trade. That opposition to trade is now a safe policy. This has happened before. Before this era … Continue reading

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Aggressive Engagement with the Global Economy.

        President Obama in a recent piece for THE ECONOMIST discussed globalization, technology, change & their impact on multilateral institutions, trade agreements, and immigration. He proposed various major structural changes.     His description of the problem was particularly interesting and added one … Continue reading

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