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Distinguished Service Professor of Law & International Trade at George Mason University (School of Public Policy).

TRUMP’S THREATS AND TRADE POLICY — From His Real Estate Days in New York?

From a forthcoming article of mine ……………. Donald Trump’s methods of operating and conducting national security or foreign policy are exactly the same as they would be if he was engaged in real estate transactions and deals. To Donald Trump, … Continue reading

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Iranian Assassination & Global Trade … Not Good for the Global Economy

The assassination of Major General Suleimani of Iran was a terrible blunder on many levels.  One level that has not been talked about much is its potential impact on global trade. To me there will be a significant impact, sooner … Continue reading

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Donald Trump — From Queens to the Global Stage — Always Following his Inner Litigating Self.

    From Jamaica Estates, Queens, to the White House — Donald Trump has consistently perverted the litigation &  judicial system. Domestically and internationally. This will not end well for him nor his enablers. It’s simply unamerican. From his days … Continue reading

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National Security §232 and Court of International Trade — More Recent Concerns.

To me, the recent skirmish in the Court of International Trade over a newer case, concerning Turkish steel tariffs, indicates that the court is clearly moving to taking a more aggressive view of the legality of the President’s authority under … Continue reading

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Bizarre Int’l Investment Proposals from Trump — They Only Hurt the U.S. (Not China).

  Trump is exploring delisting Chinese firms on US exchanges, restricting US firms investments in China, and Chinese investments in the US. These proposed restrictions on US-China bilateral investments are really destructive. It goes beyond really dumb tariffs.… Trump’s … Continue reading

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Trump’s Trade Policies and the Federal Courts — Will the Courts Rein Him In?

My new article on President Trump’s trade policies, delegation of authority and the federal courts. Please click this link ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Malawer, “Trump, Trade and Federal Courts.” China and WTO Review (Sept. 2019).

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TRADE CASES & TRUMP’S TARIFFS — Restricting Reliance on National Security?

  My op-ed in the Richmond Times-Dispatch (June 17, 2019) ………….                               TRADE CASES AND TRUMP’S TARIFFS —                            Restricting Reliance on National Security?                                                By Stuart S. Malawer   I predict that three major federal court cases, … Continue reading

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