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Compensation for Hostages, Finally — Iranian Hostage Accords Were a Legal Mistake.

   Finally, the Congress and President enacted legislation that will eventually compensate the U.S. diplomatic and military personnel held hostage for 444 days in Teheran in 1979. This has now  ended a disgraceful period of American diplomatic history. It evidences the … Continue reading

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Historical Trade Develpments at End of the Year 2015.

                                Various historical and semi-historical trade developments have emerged in a geopolitical context recently. They include among other, US oil export ban, new ITA tariff reductions, the Paris Climate Agreement, Cuban-US compensation discussions, global tax and global corruption. Here are … Continue reading

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Expanding Nature of Global Trade …. What are the Newer Issues?

                     The last few weeks have seen a broad range of issues arise relating to global trade. They seem to clearly demonstrate the broadening definition of trade as trade encompasses more-and-more subject areas. They have included, among others, digitalization, tax … Continue reading

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