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Trade Anger and Protectionism — Not Going to Win the White House.

         Yes, it is clear that anger about trade and calls for protectionism have become the hallmarks of this campaign. But political strategies relying upon them are not going to succeed.      The fury over lost jobs is primarily coming from workers … Continue reading

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Taxing Multinationals — What Taxes? What Disclosure? — Are you Kidding!

                Anger over tax havens and taxing multinationals have moved from the margins to mainstream. They are red hot issue in the U.S. presidential campaign and abroad.     This anger show signs of growing  almost daily with the newest disclosure and corporate scheme … Continue reading

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U.S. Presidential Campaign’s Top Issues — Jobs, Trade and Globalization — Getting Real.

       The political polarization of trade this campaign season is an historical first. It’s clear that globalization has gone out of fashion. There is a real backlash against free trade. To me there is a real need to show … Continue reading

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