TRUMP AND TRADE

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Trump is blaming China for the global pandemic. Trying to negate the doctrine of sovereign immunity. Stop it! Yes, we need a reset of China relations. Negotiations & cooperation, not confrontation. Stop the usual blame game, now.

Josh Hawley: Abolish WTO —- This man is even more ignorant than Trump. Even the Wall Street Journal refuses to give him a platform. How on earth did the New York Times ever let this pass an op-ed review! Let’s have some strengthened journalistic standards.

Trump said he will terminate “phase one” trade deal with China if Beijing does not make good on commitment to buy $200 billion more U.S. goods & services over the next two years. Wait, he’s blocking Chinese imports into US. But he wants China to buy? Real business genius.

Trump-“Tariffs are the ultimate punishment … Tariffs at a minimum are the greatest negotiating tool we have ever devised & never used for negotiation.” Doesn’t he understand that US importers & consumers pay? Only leads to retaliatory tariffs? I wonder what he learned at Wharton.

New or Renewed Federalism? Yes. Governors step up. Trump fails virus crisis. Excellent piece in WP. This started earlier at the very outset of Trump’s administration’s failures & policies of contempt. States formed alliances addressing climate, trade ….

Disdain & suspicion, contempt & blame are not policies. Sound policies now rely almost entirely on state governors. Competence and expertise in the public sector are great assets. ‘Deep State’ or ‘Administrative State’ are demeaning terms. Never should be used, Mr. President.

Trump threatens tariffs on China because of virus crisis. Stop playing the racist blame game. It doesn’t play. We need competence & honesty in pubic service. This is basic civics & leadership. Way too much is at stake for the US & the world.

For 3 years Trump has attacked the trading system. Actually for decades. Now the virus pandemic is battering it. This pandemic is fostering protectionism. If unchecked, the world will repeat the 1930s. Actually probably worse. More connected now.

30 Million Unemployed and 60,000 Dead because of Virus — in 3 months. More dead than Vietnam War 58,000 — 10 years. Really incompetent & grossly negligent US leadership both times. We’re the richest & most powerful country. What about some honesty & basic competence this time.

Trump to States & Cities—“Drop Dead” Back to the future? They need assistance combatting crisis, now. They are the frontlines. Not corporations receiving huge new tax breaks. Ever hear of federalism & real leadership? Forget yourself for once & your gripes. You’re failing, badly.

We need competent government. We have it in public employees in the federal & state governments. We need it in our politicians. Enough already with pejoratives such as “Administrative State.” The virus crisis has put the lie to this self-interest approach to public policy & law.

Amid rising disapproval of his incoherent virus response & record unemployment Trump is returning to a familiar trick book.Trump is reviving rhetoric that got him elected: blaming China, global institutions, immigrants & now governors. Disgraceful. This will not play well in Nov.

Simple Solution —Trump Trade Tariffs should be lifted. Gives immediate tax relief. Will spur removal of retaliatory taxes on US farm exports. Help desperate farmers. Never made any sense. Are legally questionable. Trade policy is big part of the solution.

This is outrageous — Trump terminates funding for the World Health Organization (WHO). Really! Blaming the WHO for his criminal negligence! Not surprising. Staying true to form, really unfortunate.

U.S. governors are at the forefront in the fight against the coronavirus. Now organizing to lead the way out of the crisis. States on both coasts have formed coalitions to devise reopening’s of their economies. Trump claims he has the final say. Not so under the Constitution.

The grotesque failure of Trumpism & ineffectiveness of federal leadership highlights the renewed & important role of states in protecting Americans. Redefining Federalism and States Rights away from its Southern perversion to protection of all Americans.

From book by Dr. Frank “Trump on the Couch” — To lie is to defy the law. Trump’s habitual lying serves to express his deep-seated drive to defy the law. Helps him get by in the world. President Trump now lies to survive.

The U.S. as a Global Leader in a Time of Crisis …. US is Utterly failing to provide global leadership. Trump is hiding behind ‘America First.’ Can’t hide behind an illusory Maginot Line. Basic history. That only leads to greater disasters.

Trump’s Tariffs Amid Coronavirus ….. Trump’s tariffs need to be lifted immediately. These were bad initially. Now really awful. We need int’l cooperation and real American leadership globally. ‘America First’ beginning to look like ‘America Last.’

New article….. “One can draw a straight line from Donald Trump’s ruthless mode of operating in the contentious world of New York real estate to his operations on the world stage today.” Malawer, “Trump: From Queens to the World Stage.” (Spring 2020).

Lifting duties Trump imposed on Chinese goods & global steel imports would provide a boost to the U.S. economy of more than $75 billion. But of course the stable genius still blames everything on China. Time to stop the trade war & start leading again. That’s the real America.

South Carolina has 500 foreign companies. Virginia has double that amount. Trade is essential to economic development. It has a bad rep among Democratic contenders. But not all. Along with beating Trump trade should be a top issue.

New S. Ct. conservative majority broadly applied the foreign policy & national security defense — for not examining executive action. Border agent shot a teenager across the Mexican border. Doesn’t portend well for future reviews of executive actions relying on this defense.

Really amazing how one of the most obscure domestic and int’l issues (tariffs) has become one of the most important U.S.foreign policy tools and global issues. Back to the 1930s? How did that work out? Accelerating the depression and international conflict.

Chief Justice Robert’s annual report on the S. Ct. declares that civic education is essential & Federal judges take on this challenge. To me universities must reassert the importance of civics in their programs. This is essential during the Trump years.

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