Trump’s Trade Affronts Are Getting Worse ………….




                                                 [From the conclusion of a forthcoming article of mine.]

Trump’s disregard for international laws, institutions, alliances, and agreements is extremely worrisome. He possesses a truly generalized hatred for all rules that is mirrored in many ways, his management of the Trump Organization and his career as a real estate professional.

Trump’s disregard of international rules is clearly seen in his attacks on a broad range of treaties and institutions. I would argue none is more delusional than his frontal attacks on the WTO, the dispute resolution system and the Appellate Body.  These were devised primarily by the United States.  They are the central pillars of the global trading system today.  They help establish and litigate global trade rules. The boy from Queens is now causing havoc in Geneva, Brussels, Tokyo, Seoul, and almost all other world capitals.

Of course, President Trump’s abuse of US trade legislation (in his tariff and trade wars), his pattern of bullying and threats, his disregard of domestic law in a broad range of domestic matters, and his dealings with Congress are related stories. His rejection of international rules and institutions has its roots in his shameless attacks on domestic US law and institutions. All of these affronts are directly related to Trump’s days in Queens as a landlord sued by many, including the US Department of Justice.  These affronts continue today and are getting worse.

President Trump’s story has yet to play out on either the national or the international stage. His impeachment is already history. The 2020 presidential election is looming.



About Stuart Malawer

Distinguished Service Professor of Law & International Trade at George Mason University (Schar School of Public Policy).
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1 Response to Trump’s Trade Affronts Are Getting Worse ………….

  1. Nawazish Ali says:

    A superpower country that should maintain its hegemony in the world she does not deserve to elect such president again. Not only the domestic level but also internationally his image and policies have become worst.

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