Global Taxation and International Arbitration for Investors … Two Critical Issues in Need of Resolution.


Obama and Froman (WP 5.3.13)

     Both China and the U.S. are independently addressing the issue of global taxation of their firms and multinationals doing business in their countries. Very interesting development. Another interesting event is the stalemate between the U.S. and the EU over allowing foreign investors (American firms) resorting to international arbitration rather than European courts under the proposed TTIP.
…. Interestingly both China & U.S. are now addressing tax avoidance by multinational corporations. “China and Overseas Taxation.” New York Times (Feb. 4, 2015).
…. Obama proposes to tax overseas cash of U.S. firms.Aggressive tax strategies are under attack. “Obama’s Tax Crackdown on MNCs.” Financial Times (Feb. 2, 2015).
…. China’s new security rules concerning technology impacting foreign tech firms are really trade restrictive. “China’s Self-Destructive Tech Crackdown.” New York Times (Jan. 30, 2015).
…. The ‘Investor State Dispute Settlement’ clause (ISDS) is causing major havoc in the TTIP negotiations between the U.S. and the EU.” “ISDS and U.S. – EU TTIP Negotiations.” (Jan. 14, 2015).




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