Review of U.S. – China Trade Relations and WTO Litigation — Data Reveals Broad Usage and Compliance.

China and WTO
       For a review by Dr. Peter Watson (DCL), former Chairman of the U.S. International Trade Commission ( USITC),  of my recent article “U.S. – China Trade Relations and Litigation”  click here. The following are excerpts:


Two things quickly become obvious to a reader only a very short time into Dr. Malawer’s article, in addition to recognizing his (rare) art in being able to make accessible the still extraordinarily arcane and complex lexicon and concepts permeating international trade rules and regulation.
The first thing one notes is how Malawer deftly deploys extremely well-crafted graphs and metrics to most helpfully set an explanatory frame around his accompanying narrative on this most vital — and very misunderstood — topic.
Prior to Malawer’s clear and thoughtful articulation on the same, much of the reason we have seen more heat than light on readings around the U.S./China trade relationship is that even writers specializing in this space have-to-date lacked serious second or third level analysis or data — especially on WTO metrics. This deficiency is now very usefully and definitively dispatched.
The other item of very clear note about Malawer’s article is that its valuable analytical content goes well beyond its U.S./China subject title. If one can be short-changed, then readers of this article are well and truly long-changed, as the content extends, for example, to meta-data on all nation-state users of the WTO dispute resolution process. This includes providing an excellent comparative analysis of its use between developed and developing nations — the latter usefully identified by Malawer as having “participated strongly in the [WTO’s] dispute settlement system, both as complainants and respondents.”
More long-changing occurs when Malawer does an exceptionally original and compelling analysis of how and to what extent different U.S. presidents have likewise used the WTO dispute process. Well worth the extra money that fortunate readers do not have to pay.



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Distinguished Service Professor of Law & International Trade at George Mason University (Schar School of Public Policy).
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