Global Business and Prosperity — Ideas for Business and Policy Leaders.


The following are quotes concerning global business and leadership from the new book BEING GLOBAL (2012), co-authored by the president-elect of George Mason University and current President of the Thunderbird School of Graduate Management, Angel  Cabrera:
.. Being global really needs to be part of an organization’s DNA.
.. International trade is not new.
.. Global business in the modern era is truly transnational.
.. Global leaders are not born but made …. It is about how you choose to focus your attention, spend your time, and engage your mind.
.. [G]lobal leaders bring together disparate parties.
.. Global leaders do not play on the edge of the law.
.. A global mindset is a core foundation of successful global leadership.
.. A global mindset is not an innate trait.
.. [E]ntrepreneurship is the process of applying resources and assuming risks in the creation of new value.
.. Global business is full of legal loopholes and ambiguities … plenty of opportunities for moral arbitrage … global leadership excludes that type of conduct ….
.. A ubiquitous problem facing global leaders operating in a transnational context is corruption …. Corruption is not just a scourge of politicians and citizens. It also does great damage to businesses.
.. Global citizenship is … about values.
.. The global economic crisis … is an example of … failed global leadership.
     To me, the above ideas are essential tenets that progressive business and policy leaders need to apply in order to compete successfully in today’s hyper-competitive and globalized world. Only this will help to ensure successful business transactions, state economic development, and jobs. We’ll see how the new president-elect of George Mason University infuses his university leadership with the above views. Check back in a few years.

About Stuart Malawer

Distinguished Service Professor of Law & International Trade at George Mason University (Schar School of Public Policy).
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